Moon is full here every night. Federleicht is the Heimat of a Belgian ambient artist who works under the monikers 'Herbstlaub' and 'die Nachtstunde'. Federleicht is intended as a platform to release this work on and as a central reference point to get in touch with these various releases.

This Is Where We Sleep' is the collaboration between Michael Borgers, singer-guitarist from the Belgian Band 'The Isle of Men' and Herbstlaub.

Michael: Vocals, guitar, the good ideas. Herbstlaub: Bassguitar, beats, programming, synths, minor vocals and others.

First track 'Unknown' released on the Italian netlabel dtape: - December 2012.
More tracks, eventually an EP will follow:

Sonnewende (2010)

sonnewende resembles both something of an eternal loss, as well as the concealed joy of continuous recollecting.

Per Sonare (2011, Other Heights)

From personare, literally 'sounding through', derives our use of the word 'personality' - which is actually close related to 'a mask'. Not that behind the mask is the true face. On the contrary, only a new mask. 'Per Sonare' is a synthesis of different sounds, different periods and therefore different 'masks' of herbstlaub and contains a divers chose of songs. Ranging from ambient, to more profound dance tracks, while others have been sustained with 'mantravoices' on them.

Up to the listener to unmask this masquerade ((and find a new one)).

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released on Other Heights;
Sold out. Until there will follow a repressing, you can download it for free below.

Dutch Review (from Rif Raf - june 2011): click here

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Zwischenwelt (2011)

Zwischenwelt is a collection of memories - which are for for me literally of interest; inter-est. It suggest to look at a memory as something in-between-being, inter-est, rather than in-being. A memory as something which pulls you outside yourself and places you inside the world. A memory not as an 'Innerwelt', something as a world-less residue or an island that we call 'subjectivity'. But an in-between-world throughout which you are already outside yourself, in music, is life, in being.

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Dämmerleben (2011)

Dämmerleben Following the suggestion of some of these track titles, don't expect big rhythm changes, this is an ambient release. I won't be offended if you fall asleep on it. Actually, you can view it as an aesthetic accompany thereof. It's for those who have lonely nights. I'm there too.

Limited edition of 18 hand-made copies. Picture on recycled carbon sleeve, wrapped in tracing paper. Mail to or leave a message on the facebook if you are interested (picture)


Streets Aren't For Dreaming Youth (2012)

In 1922 Franz Kafka wrote to Milena Jesenská: "Mein Leben ist das Zögern vor der Geburt". 'Streets Aren't For Dreaming Youth' resembles that same hesitancy in a very subtle way. Fear and hesitation, admiration and awe into one breath, felt within one sound. In this album the cold sphere of indecision isn't just attached to the warmth of veneration but merged into a unified bliss. As a sublime synthesis of electronics and ambient, of dance elements and still enjoyable quite parts these tracks are somewhere in between the head and the hands.

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Photography is done by Belgium talented artist Jeroen Mylle. Ten copies contains a unique and signed photo of him. Limited to 100th copies. (preview)

Dutch review (from rifraf april 2012): click here

Remnants (2012, Entropy Records)

„ Ja, wenn man Tränen schreiben könnte [...]. “
(Kleist, an Karl Freiherrn von Stein zum Altenstein; 4. August 1806.)

Remnants of sounds, remnants of things or remnants of things already be lost.. All things get lost, eventually. "Remnants" (2012) isn't an attempt to get grip on this matter, trying to give it a second life or as you can state alternatively: trying to get lost the loss. On the contrary, this release is at the heart of the things which pass constant through us, as every moment renews itself - to become: a new one; to become becoming and to lose itself again, in itself. To make this process tangible harmonious parts are alternated with broken sounds, occasionally sustained with deep, tremblings evoking baselines. Repetitive parts are intensified with pure sounds until they get larger and larger, to eventually cut through you and resulting in an explicitly awareness and feeling of this moment. Music as the phenomenology of loss -to get renewed and to become rigid again- because also music must stop; once. Hence the loss.

Herbstlaub', a belgium ambient artist, sound can be described as warm, long stretched melancholic layers which resembles both something of an eternal loss as well the concealed joy of continuous recollecting. Normally he is somewhere inbetween the head and the hands, combining ambient spheres with intelligent beats, for example in his latest album 'The Streets Aren't For Dreaming Youth'. However for this release he totally disrobe himself of the beats and clicks to evoke a world which is dark, actually hardly to conceive a darker one, but pure at the same time. A world which is a witness of loss, and yet that you can experience over again in only 22 minutes.

Photography by Jeroen Mylle.
Mastering and packaging by David Ya.
Music by Herbstlaub.

Released on Entropy Records, ED.005.
Limited to 100 copies.

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This Grace Is Only Reaching Out To Surrender (2012)

Re-edition on 100 pieces of the album Zwischenwelt (2011) and Dämmerleben (2011) together with bonus material and unreleased tracks.
In total more than 130 minutes of Herbstlaub music.

FDL#02 - 2012.
Photography by Jeroen Mylle.
Mastering by A.P.

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Review (dutch, RifRaf magazine december 2012)

Our Love Was Only Half Forgotten (2013)

On Our Love Was Only Half Forgotten Herbstlaub continues his path of singing in an hitherto unknown language, whispering sighing mantra's that spin around the head and attempt narrating unnarrated stories - stories that were hidden, concealed under a language that never existed.

Although this voice that isn't singing and neither merely sighing gives the album a slightly dark touch and atmosphere, as if night would lay his cold hands in your neck, the subtle use of filters accompanied with the typical herbstlaub guitars, under a sea of warm and reverberating electronics, still gives the album a wholehearted and gentle fullness. As minimal parts are being sustained by spinning guitars and almost dancing synths, glitches and high frequencies accompany a very spacious and reverberating sound. This album, even more than its herald Streets Aren't For Dreaming Youth, is definitely somewhere between head and hands.

Herbstlaub#Two, Other Heights
Release date: 21 June 2013

Photography by Jeroen Mylle
Mastering by A.P.

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Klangwandler (2011)

Somewhere between the head and the hands is the heart. Die nachtstunde is a collision of ambient structures and minimal discourse with some dubby influences and is the more profound electronic outcome of herbstlaub. Still Herbstlaub and die nachtstunde are on the same road - but 'ventured in reverse'.

Dreifarbenwelt (2013, Entropy Records)

Dreifarbenwelt is a collection of tracks written between November 2011 and September 2012. As the album's title suggest ("Three-Colour-World"), the album works by creating tracks built from the same basic ingredients and a limited set of instruments and samples, attempting from the outset to combine these constituent parts in such a way as to expand certain nuances in their inherent spectrum of colour and shade. Noises and elements are mostly subtle, emerging just enough to evoke a specific spatial, though not fully identifiable, dimension, with the underlying deep dub basses serving as a grounding to create a tangible, worldly-rooted atmosphere.

Released on Entropy Records (fr). November 2013.

Artwork by Recyclerobot
Mastering and packaging by David Ya.
Music by Herbstlaub.

Released on Entropy Records, two editions

More info and samples on

Flüstern macht gemeinsam. (2014)

Flüstern macht gemeinsam. Whispering makes mutual.

As a whisper, only a whisper, try to speak. The sudden change of air, mood and surrounding, as you notice only the whispering, it whispers. You may imagine languages that only speak, as they whisper. You may imagine kingdoms that only prevail, as it whispers. Maybe there is a rain, that whispers. And it whispers.

Release date: 23 September 2014

Photography by Jeroen Mylle
Design by Clement Adam.

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Hauch (2014)

‘Hauch’ [de]: whispering breath, as a gentle, almost forgotten breeze.

As a ‘Hauch’ the music lays its fingers on its listeners and starts unfolding. Gradually one notices slight changes in the current of the air. Mist draws back and comes forth again, beats which never really become beats move in different directions while Herbstlaubs singing, which never is merely singing, changes colours and creates new layers over various elements of guitar, warm electronics, diverse effects and subtle filters. The more Herbstlaubs breath strokes us, the more Hauch stretches out, the more we notice how much remains unsaid.

This LP is a careful selection of earlier work, enriched by a new track and is the first vinyl release of Herbstlaub' music. Notice that this 12" is only a ‘Hauch’ (a hint) of this broader musical work. The track 'Auf einen Stern zugehen, nur dieses' was made in 2011 and released on Per Sonare. The track ‘Plenilune’, taking from the album 'Our Love Was Only Half Forgotten' seems to refer directly to this broader work.

So besides a full LP, one could listen to it as an introduction to the project and an anticipation of the releases, that still have to come.

This music is a lightpad - as sound.

12" vinyl, 300 copies.
Release date: 28-05-2014

Photography by Jeroen Mylle.
Mastering by Rashad Becker, Dubplates&Mastering, Berlin.

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New Insights From Forgotten Clouds / Forgotten Hints From New Memories. (2015)

»Ich singe in einer Sprache, die es nicht gibt, ich spreche in Gesängen, die nicht sind.«

Herbstlaub isn't an artist. Herbstlaub is a melody. There are many unreleased melodies of a kaleidoscopic past, which isn't one. This is just one of them. The continuation is yours.

Throughout the last five years I always felt that in the tracks, sketches and ideas that I haven't released, the most is being touched what Herbstlaub could be. That may uphold why I enjoy the tension which is in between two releases the most, it also clarifies why I consider Herbstlaub as »melōidía«, singing, chanting motion which is perceived as an entity, instead of being that entity.

Retrospects always tend to aweigh presence. Older songs in order to allow present tracks. Before publishing my latest album 'Seems Like Time To Remember, Seems Like The Moment To Forget' I felt drawn towards some unreleased tracks, which resemble more instrumental chanting and restless layers of Herbstlaub. 'New Insight From Forgotten Clouds / Forgotten Hints From New Memories' anticipates the newest album that will be much more drifting and electronic just because this one takes back beats and energy.

The A-side are songs from an album that I never released between 'Streets Aren't For Dreaming Youth' and 'Our Love Was Only Half Forgotten'. 'A forevever, goodbye!' is an example of a track that I occasionally played ever since 2011 in some livesets and sighs that cloudlike moving, repetitive mantraesque that Herbstlaub relish: a light touch, tender tremblings and a voice which is touching the poetry between language and singing, sometimes pupils which are elderberryblack, and than an awaking in raspberry light, your tangle shiver...

Release date: 22 June 2015

Mastering by A.P. at GS Mastering & Post.
Photography by Jeroen Mylle.

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German Interview (jan '15)
did a German interview about my music, name-giving und das unmögliche Verborgene, was sich »zwischen« den Releases abspielt und man nie zeigen kann. (feb '14)
Podcast for Italian electronic music magazine.
Podcast 232. Lenght 1:07:19.

Session La Lluvia: Fehlleistugnen
(jul '11)
For the Belgian collective La Lluvia I made a more 'dance' session under the moniker of Fehlleistungen.
You can stream these tracks and download for free over here:

Carl de Keyzer
Ipad release of Zona, a photography book on russian work camps by Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer. I made the audio and accompanied music.
Track is a reworked version of the song 'mellemhverandre' from my first album Sonnewende (2010).
Concept and realisation by Little Miss Robot.

preview link:


20 February 2016.
Die Nachtstunde (live),
Oostmalle, Belgium.

22 February 2016.
Herbstlaub (live),
De Perifeer,
Devender, The Netherlands.

25 February 2016
Herbstlaub (live),
Strohm, Hedon,
Zwolle, The Netherlands.

26 February 2016
Herbstlaub (live)
Icarus Night, SMAK,
Gent, Belgium.

27 February 2016.
Herbstlaub (live),
Münster, Germany.

3 March 2016.
Herbstlaub (live),
Leipzig, Germany.

5 March 2016.
Herbstlaub (live)
Krass Böser Wolf, Berlin

9 April 2016.
Herbstlaub (live),
Fabriktheater Moabit, Berlin.

7 Mai 2016.
Herbstlaub (live)


22 August 2015.
Herbstlaub (live),
Into The Trees,

28 May 2015.
Die Nachtstunde (live),
STUK, Leuven, Belgium.

4 April 2015.
Herbstlaub (live),
Conception, Hambug, Germany.

12 March 2015.
Herbstlaub (live).
Mme. Claude, Berlin, Germany.

28 Feruary 2015.
Die Nachtstunde (live).
Westmalle (be).

7 February 2015.
Herbstlaub (live) + dancer,
Waregem (be).

7 June 2014.
Herbstlaub (live) + dancer,
Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival,
Glaisin (de).

21 December 2013.
Herbstlaub (live),
Secret location, Ghent (be).

7 September 2013.
Herbstlaub (live),
Indian Spirit Festival,
Heiligengrabe (de).

15 June 2013.
Herbstlaub (live),
Berlin (de).

7 June 2013.
Herbstlaub (live),
Privatclub, w/ Útidúr (is)
Berlin (de).

15 March 2013.
Herbstlaub (live) @ Soireé Urthonà.
Rotterdam (nl).

9 February 2013.
Herbstlaub (live) @ Infinity
Magdalena club, Berlin (de).
4am - 6am (sundaymorning)

16 November 2012.
Herbstlaub (live) @ Delta.
Brunnen70, Berlin (de).

7 September 2012.
Herbstlaub (live) @ Indian Spirit Festival
Chill Out Room,
Heiligengrabe (de).

31 Augustus 2012.
Herbstlaub (live)
Kornelia, klapdorp 57,
Antwerp (be)

29 Oktober 2011.
Herbstlaub (live), die Nachtstunde
Ambient Room hosted by
Cubic Clash, Turnhout (be). 

20 May 2011.
Herbstlaub (live) - Per Sonare Album Release
La Lluvia, 't Kwartier,
Antwerp (be). 

12 Oktober 2010.
Herbstlaub (live)
w/ Aus (jp) - livingroom, Ghent (be). 

7 August 2010.
fehlleistungen (live)
La Lluvia @ Meadownight, Brecht (be). 

10 April 2010.
w/ Microphonics (Dirk Serries), Oude Pastorij, Westmalle (be).

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